Monday, 4 December 2017

Dads Hall of Fame - 10 Mark Yates

Hello and welcome to another addition of Badass Dad Clan Dads Hall of Fame! This month we're chatting to Badass Dad Mark Yates, Let's hear what he has to say:

Mark Yates

Who is that Big Man In The Woods?

My name is Mark,  I live in West London,  I'm married to Simone and have 2 kids, Grace aged 4 and Thomas who is 1.

Aswell as working in an Operating Theatre for my full time job, I'm also a Scout Leader. I'm also a podcaster,  vlogger and a blogger called Big Man In The Woods.  It's about camping,  scouts and generally encouraging young children to get out and visit Mother Nature.

Big Man In The Woods

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby? Playing in the woods with my family

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?

Working! There's no argument about that. Having to work shift patterns at the hospital has never been a problem until I started a family. I really like putting the kids to bed and story time, but sadly work shifts and Scouts something makes me miss this special moments.

Mark and Thomas

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?

Don't buy all those pointless baby gadgets. We spent a fortune on gadgets that never worked or we didn't get on well with,  such as the kangaroo baby front carrier. Both our kids didn't like it.

Shhhh Don't wake the baby!

What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far?

There's lots, from our children's 1st words, to them walking, grace's 1st sports day to Thomas eating his 1st ice cream.

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?

Relax,  do what you believe is right and don't listen to those other parents who talk behide your back saying your parenting incorrectly.

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?

Love it!! Us dad's need to stick together and show that us dad's can parent just as good as mums!

Big Man In The Woods

 It's been awesome getting Mark's perspective on parenting, thanks for stopping by Mark!
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