Friday, 4 August 2017

Dads Hall of Fame 08 - James Nicholls

This month we have the honour of speaking to Badass Dad James Nicholls, a personal friend of mine, a brother and genuine Badass!

James and Jonny

Background Info: 
Hi I’m James, I’m 28 and a father to my son Jonny aged 2 and my step-son Frankie who is 6.
I am a mechanic during the nice weather months and a rescue agent during the bad weather. I enjoy Climbing, Kayaking, Amateur Radio and shooting as my hobbies.
I am also a Drummer in a heavy metal band A Bribe For The Ferryman.
I stay at home most of the week to look after my boys and work 2 days when my wife has a few days off.

James on his comms setup
What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?
Being outside! Its the best and free hobby that you can do with your children. I don’t think you can beat a wet walk through the woods jumping in puddles or a picnic and walk along the beach. I’m looking forward to getting my kids out shooting with me and also climbing once they are old enough.

Life Outdoors

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?
The unknown, no one has wrote a book on being a father and I think that is the hardest bit. Not knowing what to do when your child is upset/hurt/angry etc. not knowing when your child should be sleep alone/toilet trained etc.
Think a lot of people struggle with how far along the development of there child is and especially in todays world we start categorising our children to early.

ever the thrill seeker

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?
No to be honest, I don’t think any one is every truly ready and because of that I wouldn’t change anything.

Jonny and Frankie

What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far?
Giving Jonny his first bath is the one that sticks in my mind but I treasure every day (when they are not arguing).

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?
Don’t panic! It all falls into place, just listen to your instincts and your partner. Its all about give and take, You don’t have to give up every thing when you become a father but you will have to moderate what you do. A happy home and love of a good parent is all a kid needs, Everything else is material.

James on the drums

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?
Top idea from Tricky, great to read other stories and share ideas, Get involved!

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