Thursday, 4 May 2017

Dads Hall of Fame 05 - Chris Acaster

May the Fourth be with you!

This month we catch up with Ink Slinger Chris Acaster to hear his thoughts on Fatherhood for our monthly Dads Hall of Fame here at Badass Dad Clan. As fits with the date he is a massive Star Wars Fan ;)

Chris and Caleb

Who is this Mighty Man?
I'm Chris from Hull, UK. I'm a tattooist been doing that for nearly 5 years now also heavily involved in my local music scene which is another passion of mine.
My family consists of me and my amazing girlfriend Chloe who runs a clothing label for children called Caleb & Co.. my son Caleb, who's nearly 3, my dog Finn and my two cats Gus and Dwight!
We like to do things differently but I guess that's why I'm part of the Badass Dad Clan!

Family outing

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?
With him being so young we've only just started doing proper projects together, we love anything that involves getting messy; baking/play dough/ painting or just going to the park. He loves coming to my studio and seeing me at work and even just passing the shop he shouts that it's Daddy's work.

Chloe and Caleb

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?
My greatest challenge being a father was having no role model at all.. I had nothing to base what I was doing off. My own biological father isn't interested and other male role models in my life haven't exactly been the most stable.. all I really had to go off was how I felt growing up and how I didn't want Caleb to feel... So hopefully I'm just doing the best I can.

It's Hero Time!

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?
Absolutely nothing different. It's been and is continuing to be one of the most amazing learning curves of my entire life. I wouldn't change the highs and the lows for anything


What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far? 
My most treasured moment out of the hundreds that you get being a dad is my first ever father's day fell on my birthday and it was legit the best day of my life. Along with every time you ask Caleb who his best friend is he says Daddy.

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?
It's as hard as you make it and don't be afraid to make mistakes.. we are all only human.

Ready to Ride!

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan? 
The BDC is our special place! I've never met such a bunch of like minded individuals. Each and every one of you makes me proud to be a dad. And through the thick and the thin we've all had each others back ✌️


Wow! Some powerful comments. I think there are a lot of us that can relate to growing up without a male role model and choosing to use those ensure that our children never have to feel that way is definitely important. Massive thank you for your article Chris, great hearing from you this month for the Badass Dad Clan Hall of Fame

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