Saturday, 14 January 2017

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Badass Muthahs

Badass Dad Clan Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017

This is your advanced warning Gents! 

Today is the 14th of January, that means you have one month to get your better half a thoughtful Valentines Day present. Remember, Badass Dad Clan is a No Deadbeat Zone, Don't be the schmuck that grabs a box of junk chocolate and the last bunch of beaten up flowers from the petrol station on the way home!

Now I know it can be a minefield trying to buy a present that your lady will love, but at Badass Dad Clan no man gets left behind. This year we've got your back with our Valentines Day Gift Guide. Here's 14 cool ideas to keep you out of the doghouse this Valentines Day

Lucky Sew and Sew Signature Bra

Lucky Sew and Sew create the most amazing handmade lingerie, gorgeous nursing bras and much much more. They have just released all of their range in both nursing and non nursing, strappy and strapless so there is now something for everyone. All of their stuff is made to order from scratch, so since the other half may suspect you are up to something if you start wrapping her in measuring tapes it is probably a safer bet to go with one of their gift vouchers so that the Mrs can contact them with the correct measurements and pick what she likes later. They also do patches, pins and badges and the vouchers come in a range of values so their is sure to be something within your price range.

We Are Enough Signature Hoody

A great inspirational and empowering brand , check out their clothing and badges as a cool gift idea. We are enough is run by an amazing couple, the brains behind Dilan and Me Blog and a percentage of the profits go to  Leeway Domestic Violence and Abuse Services

Midori Traveller's Notebook

For stationary addicts this is an ultimate, the only notebook you'll ever need for the rest of your life. the insides are refillable, interchangeable and fully customisable. They gain more character as they age and wear and are perfect for using as bullet journals etc
They may be a little pricey from the original manufacturer but if you search for fauxdori on ebay/amazon you will find cheaper alternative offerings.

A Kind Mama Vegan Bakery Mixed Box

Order online and as if by magic the postman brings you the most amazing freshly baked cakes, cookies and goodies you'll ever taste. It doesn't matter if you're not Vegan, these treats mike make you want to be! We recommend the mixed boxes for a great selection of mouth watering goodness that smashes the idea that vegan food can't be better than the chemical filled junk on the shelves. The brand new chocolate bark looks to die for and is sure to put brownie points in the bank with her indoors.

Thor's Threads Badass Patches Pins and Accessories

Not only do Thor's Threads make the Badass Dad Clan merch that we know and love, they also have some epic items for the Muthahs too. Badass patches, pins and other cool accessories at reasonable prices if you're on a tight budget, head over to their etsy shop for a gander at goods for your Goddess!

Eliminate Girl Hate Tee by Bloody Nora Pam
Home of the original "Eliminate Girl Hate" merch, they do patches, pins, badges, tees and sweatshirts that really stand out for all the right reasons. It's probably the sort of thing your mama has had her eye on for a while so she's sure to be blown away if she gets some of this gear for valentines day!

Mère Soeur One Good Mutha Pin Badge

Another great place to scoop up some awesome merch for your mama is Mère Soeur, particularly if she is a pin addict like mine! The One Good Mutha pin is pretty badass, and the iconic Mère Soeur tshirt is also sure to please your partner this Valentines day, but be quick because they sell out crazy fast.

Yes Mum Motivational Flashcards

If your partner is pregnant then these motivational flashcards from London Hypnobirthing are packed with positive affirmations to access the power of positive programming. They help start the day with motivational messages because pregnancy can be a daunting time and calmness, confidence and self-belief are great tools for dealing with the trickier moments of pregnancy. And us Dads know all too well, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Lioness Not Princess Tote Bag from Winter & Rain
These tote bags are ON POINT for the Lioness in your life, not to mention they are 100% Fair-trade certified cotton, Hand printed in the UK and on top of that 15% of all profits donated to Women's Aid. Do yourself a favour and get your partner one of these before everyone else has one already!

Me 'N' You Vs The World It Will Be Mine Pin

Me ' N ' You Vs The World

ME 'N' YOU VS THE WORLD is a two man design studio that have decided to branch out and create products inspired by friends, experiences and lifestyles that make us all buzz. They are committed to donating 50p from the sale of each pin to charities working with children in countries suffering unrest.
Our personal fave is the "It Will Be Mine" pin badge, If you don't know what this pin relates to then you need to step your film geek game up a notch. seriously, have a word with yourself.

Proper Post Stationary Subscription

Another offering for the stationary addicts, Proper Post is a monthly delivery of 5 carefully curated items including greeting cards and stationery. They want us all to be inspired by the items they choose for you, to build a range of cards and stationery for every occasion. No more winging it and hoping for the best. Proper Post help you save time and relationships by never forgetting a birthday or important event again!

Haus of Mono Strong As Hell Mug

Haus of Mono do some awesome prints, bags and badges for the fierce female in your life. We think their mugs stand out from the crowd and are the perfect way to show your lady what you think of her. They say behind every strong man is strong woman, make sure yours knows you think she is Strong As Hell with one of these badass mugs.

Woody + Florence

Woody and Florence is a shop for Mama's, Daughters, Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, little ones and just about anyone looking for something unique, handmade and pretty damn cool. They make some wicked patches, prints, necklaces and bracelets that won't break the bank, including an awesome Badass Mama print!

PMUK Down With Apathy Sweatshirt
Last but not least, Punky Moms UK. Run by original Mom Boss Paula, PMUK is without a doubt the first place you want to go if you need a mama merch fix. Many of the Badass Dad Clan have partners that are members of the Punky Moms Girl Gang, and as groups that offer empowerment and encouragement to parents Punky Moms has my full support.

So there you have it, this list should keep all of our Badass Dad Clan in the good books this year, we don't want any reports of "Man Down" on Feb 14th!


  1. I would like the travel diary. My Geekness is failing me on the badge/pin, is it Waynes world if so "Stairway to heaven - denied!", but it could also be The highlander - I will take your quickening - it will be mine ....?

    off to look at the links

    1. plectrum shape gives it away as Waynes World, great guess!