Monday, 4 December 2017

Dads Hall of Fame - 10 Mark Yates

Hello and welcome to another addition of Badass Dad Clan Dads Hall of Fame! This month we're chatting to Badass Dad Mark Yates, Let's hear what he has to say:

Mark Yates

Who is that Big Man In The Woods?

My name is Mark,  I live in West London,  I'm married to Simone and have 2 kids, Grace aged 4 and Thomas who is 1.

Aswell as working in an Operating Theatre for my full time job, I'm also a Scout Leader. I'm also a podcaster,  vlogger and a blogger called Big Man In The Woods.  It's about camping,  scouts and generally encouraging young children to get out and visit Mother Nature.

Big Man In The Woods

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby? Playing in the woods with my family

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?

Working! There's no argument about that. Having to work shift patterns at the hospital has never been a problem until I started a family. I really like putting the kids to bed and story time, but sadly work shifts and Scouts something makes me miss this special moments.

Mark and Thomas

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?

Don't buy all those pointless baby gadgets. We spent a fortune on gadgets that never worked or we didn't get on well with,  such as the kangaroo baby front carrier. Both our kids didn't like it.

Shhhh Don't wake the baby!

What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far?

There's lots, from our children's 1st words, to them walking, grace's 1st sports day to Thomas eating his 1st ice cream.

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?

Relax,  do what you believe is right and don't listen to those other parents who talk behide your back saying your parenting incorrectly.

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?

Love it!! Us dad's need to stick together and show that us dad's can parent just as good as mums!

Big Man In The Woods

 It's been awesome getting Mark's perspective on parenting, thanks for stopping by Mark!
If you'd like to be included in the Dads Hall of Fame series get in touch via the Badass Dad Clan Facebook Group

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Dads Hall of Fame 09 - Scott Brannigan

For our latest Dads Hall of Fame we caught up with Badass Dad Scott Brannigan to hear what he has to say about his experience of Fatherhood

Tell our audience a little about who you are, what you do and your family?

My names Scott, I'm 32, very nearly 33, but well and truly don't feel it. I'm the Technical Sales Manage for a company that designs and manufactures water treatment equipment. My family are everything to me, the OH and I actually dated when we were in our late teens, but went our separate ways, I went on to get married that lasted 9 months, she went on to get engaged, but never materialised, then from a like and smileyface or two on Facebook we went for a date ten years later and the rest as you say is history. My son Michael, named after my father and grandfather which also would've been my name if my mom didn't dislike my dad so much, is amazing, every day he does something else that amazes me, brings a tear to my eye and a lump in throat.

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby? 

Bathtime, it's the only time of the day after working and everything else, that it's just me and him and I cherish it so very, very much and we make a right old mess as well.

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father? 

The pressure to carry everything, the wellbeing of your OH, the wellbeing of your child, making sure the bills are paid and there's a roof over your head and sometimes the extent of this burden (and I hate to use that word, because my family are not a burden, they're a fucking treasure) gets a little overlooked and in all fairness expected.

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent? 

I would make a lot more time for my other half and remind her more often that she's a woman and not just a mother.

What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far? 

When I came home from work one day when Michael was very young, opened the front door said I'm home as I always do to be met with a huge smile, sparkling eyes and arms out, still makes me cry thinking about it

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?

It's OK to be scared, but the love you will have that will grow inside you will make you stronger and braver and more dependable and more gentle and more understanding, that little human will make you you a better person.

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan? 

It's not widely considered that men, traditional men, have to vent or express their feelings, however from first hand experience, not venting, expressing, letting things out, is a very bad thing, so having an outlet of like minded individuals, where you can say what you want without judgement is invaluable.

It's been awesome hearing from Scott, if you are not already a member head on over to the Badass Dad Clan Facebook Group

Friday, 4 August 2017

Dads Hall of Fame 08 - James Nicholls

This month we have the honour of speaking to Badass Dad James Nicholls, a personal friend of mine, a brother and genuine Badass!

James and Jonny

Background Info: 
Hi I’m James, I’m 28 and a father to my son Jonny aged 2 and my step-son Frankie who is 6.
I am a mechanic during the nice weather months and a rescue agent during the bad weather. I enjoy Climbing, Kayaking, Amateur Radio and shooting as my hobbies.
I am also a Drummer in a heavy metal band A Bribe For The Ferryman.
I stay at home most of the week to look after my boys and work 2 days when my wife has a few days off.

James on his comms setup
What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?
Being outside! Its the best and free hobby that you can do with your children. I don’t think you can beat a wet walk through the woods jumping in puddles or a picnic and walk along the beach. I’m looking forward to getting my kids out shooting with me and also climbing once they are old enough.

Life Outdoors

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?
The unknown, no one has wrote a book on being a father and I think that is the hardest bit. Not knowing what to do when your child is upset/hurt/angry etc. not knowing when your child should be sleep alone/toilet trained etc.
Think a lot of people struggle with how far along the development of there child is and especially in todays world we start categorising our children to early.

ever the thrill seeker

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?
No to be honest, I don’t think any one is every truly ready and because of that I wouldn’t change anything.

Jonny and Frankie

What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far?
Giving Jonny his first bath is the one that sticks in my mind but I treasure every day (when they are not arguing).

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?
Don’t panic! It all falls into place, just listen to your instincts and your partner. Its all about give and take, You don’t have to give up every thing when you become a father but you will have to moderate what you do. A happy home and love of a good parent is all a kid needs, Everything else is material.

James on the drums

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?
Top idea from Tricky, great to read other stories and share ideas, Get involved!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Dads Hall of Fame - 07 - Mike Appleton

This month we're joined by another one of our amazing Badass Dad Clan members for the monthly BDC showcase, lets get to know our buddy Mike a little better

Badass Dad Mike

Tell us more about Mike

So I'm Mike, I've got one little monster, Max, who is almost 3 with my wife Amy, I'm a stay at home Dad during the week at present and then work as a HCA at the weekends giving support to people with disabilities, stroke victims and everything in between right up to end of life support

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?

Quite honestly any activity where I can see Max is having fun and smiling! Most typically this involves him trying to wrestle me to the ground or getting me to chase him round the garden! He also loves it when I take him to the zoo just the two of us

Max in his natural habitat

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?

Being confident that you are doing a good job - that's always a hard one for me, especially when I have to lay down the law (he's a right cheeky bugger at times) and can often come away feeling like I'm the worst person in the world for having to tell him off but it's all part of the learning process for both of us

Mike and Max

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?

Not worry so much, especially in the early stages, kids are pretty damn tough, but they're gonna get sick, and they're gonna scrape their knees and they're gonna eat worms and mud and sometimes you just have to roll with that

What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far?

So, so many! Most recently we all went to a wedding that was a 3 day affair, so 2 night's away from home and he was an absolute star, charming to every single person there and genuinely made me proud to be his Dad!

Mike and Max

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?

Just take every day as it comes, nothing is going to go exactly to plan but that's fine because kids aren't an exact science!


What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?

It's fantastic, sometimes as a Dad you start to feel out of touch with everyone else but it's shown me that really isn't the case, and it's just down to having people around you that understand what becoming a Dad means

Thursday, 15 June 2017

5 Issues New Fathers Face - Member Article

Badass Dad Clan is proud to present the first in a series of member articles about common parenting topics.

5 Issues New Fathers Face

1. The Memory Game.

So, you've found out that your partner is pregnant recently. Now you'll need to clear some space in your internal memory to fit in all the appointment dates. Even if your
partner uses a calendar, I guarantee you she'll still forget. You are in charge of this whilst your first born child is baking away and playing havoc on your partners hormones.
Do whatever you need to do to ensure you remember about the appointments and remind her with plenty of time, so she doesn't make other arrangements. Nothing worse than arranging to
meet a friend for coffee, when she should be at the midwife appointment! She'll also require regular urine samples to take with to the appointments, make sure she keeps on top of that.

It can be tough, but as long as you keep on top of things, you'll do a great job!

2. Hormones attack!

As touched on briefly in the previous challenge, dodging those hormonal attacks is quite a challenge in it's self. A baking child will do all kinds of things to your partner's hormones
She could be real loving and friendly one moment, then turn into the devil the next. The key to this is not to take anything she says negative to heart, brush it off and try not to go on the defensive.

Your main job is to always be there for her throughout the pregnancy no matter what, tell her she's doing a great job and ask if there's anything she needs help with from time to time, without overdoing it.
Even after the birth, your partner's hormones may still be all over the place, watch your back and enjoy the moments you have together :)

3. Crying Detection

Oh boy, where do we start - There are so many different cries that you'll hear from your new child. Including but not limited to the following needs: 
Thirst/Hunger, Sleep, Cuddles, You just hurt me, OMG I just hurt myself,  Nappy change required!. 
Each one is slightly different, but sometimes can be hard to distinguish from one another.
You'll find one day that you're trying to do ALL the things to calm your child. All you have to do is think systematically. Go through all the scenarios and maybe you might realise you've not done something for a while, like smell their bum and change the nappy! šŸ™‚

4. Who needs sleep anyway?

It's true, us guys do usually like our sleep and lay ins... what am I saying, what's a lay in? You'll be lucky!

The first thing you'll realise is that your new born child is in charge, they call the shots, you're no longer the man of the house.
If that child needs feeding at 2am, they'll make damn sure they're fed at 2am. Then again at 5am...
You need to be prepared for a broken sleep pattern for at least the first year or so - And remember, it WILL get better. My son is now 14 months old,
and only just starting to sleep through the night. For quite some time, he'd wake up for a night feed - I think this may be partially down to our own doing. But once
we started cutting out his day time milk feed and replaced it with water/juice, he's now learning to go longer between milk feeds (Hoorah!).

5. Household chores.

You may or may not already help with this around the house. But if you don't be prepared to step it up! Your partner has just had a hellish ~9 months
and a very emotional and stressful birth. The least you can do is take some of the weight off her hands around the house. Cooking, cleaning, hoovering, dusting.. 
You get the idea! - Anything you can do, is one less task for mummy to worry about.

The main thing you need to be doing is supporting on the night feeds, which ties closely together with the above challenge of your sleeping pattern!.
Don't even think it, I know you're thinking it!! Before you say "But my child is being breast fed, how can I help?" - Here's some news, they can express the milk
and build up storage (You can even freeze it for up to 6 months!), you can feed the breast milk with a bottle. So don't think you're getting out of the feeds.

And as Sheldon Cooper says on The Big Bang Theory - "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean!"

6. I thought you said there were 5??

Here's the fun part, the learning will never stop. You'll never master being a dad, there will always be things thrown in your face later in life. You might think you've mastered the newborn stage, which is great.
But do you know how to handle them when they're 5 or 10? What about if you have one child, then another child several years later, will you remember everything or will it be like new?

Be prepared for anything. One day your grown up boy or girl, might bring round their friend who's the same sex and tell you that it's their (girl/boy)friend. That's never something you can fully prepare for, but take it as it comes.

The chances are there is someone who has already been through it and can offer advice, Fatherhood is all about learning and sharing experiences with other dads out there. 
Together, we'll be Bad Ass dads and nothing will be able to take us down.

Peace out,

Badass Dad Matthew Scully

About the Author:

I'm Matt Scully, 29 and father to a 14 month old boy called George. We live in North Wales on the coast with lots of amazing landscapes. I also gained an 11 year old step daughter when I entered the relationship.
That's a challenge in it's self, having to experience the whole new born thing, whilst having an already grown up and in school step daughter. 
I'm taking on the challenge with full force and enjoying every moment!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Dads Hall of Fame 06 - Antony Church

Every Month we bring you one of our outstanding members from the Badass Dad Clan to go down in history as a damn good dad in our Hall of Fame, This month we caught up with Antony to hear his answers

Badass Dad Antony with Fiancee Hollie

You have become officially known as the biggest beard in the Badass Dad Clan, but who really is this Bearded Wonder?

I'm Antony, I'm from Hull, I'm engaged to be married to my incredible other half Hollie and father to Zeke. For a living I run a software consulting business, I have been programming and dicking around with computers for over ten years. When I'm not at my desk I play a lot of Ice and Roller hockey for a few of our local teams, I've been playing since I was 7 or 8 years old and it's a huge family sport.

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?

Zeke is only just turning two and just likes to cause havoc, but my favourite activity with him is when we play knee hockey, having played hockey pretty much all of my life it's great to introduce him to the game. I think his favourite thing to do with me is playing rough.

Badass Dad Antony and his Kickass Kid Zeke

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?

The greatest challenge I have found about being a parent is patience. I have always been super patient but Zeke seems to know how to use all of that up in a split second. Luckily I have a really good role model myself because my dad is amazing (don't tell him I said that) and one of my best friends.

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?

Until Zeke was just over one year old we lived in a flat with no garden. Looking back we should have moved somewhere with a garden much sooner, but we got caught with Zeke the week we moved into the flat. Now we live in a house with a garden and end up spending hours in it just running around.

Zeke and Hollie

What is your most treasured moment with your child so far?

My most treasured moment with Zeke was when he took his first steps without holding onto anything, I remember it like it was yesterday. He was sofa surfing for a month or so, then one night I knelt down at the other side of the rug he was on and convinced him to potter over to me. I know I'll never forget it, I've never been so proud of something in my life.

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?

My advice to first time fathers is try and take every minute of it in, because they learn a million new things every day and before you know it they are stringing sentences together and causing all sorts of trouble you can't even imagine.

Zeke and the Gruffalo

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?

Badass Dad Clan is an awesome group of dads, it's so awesome to see that there are tones of other dads doing a good job and actually caring. It's awesome to know you're not the only one.

Zeke Climbing Mount Dad

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Dads Hall of Fame 05 - Chris Acaster

May the Fourth be with you!

This month we catch up with Ink Slinger Chris Acaster to hear his thoughts on Fatherhood for our monthly Dads Hall of Fame here at Badass Dad Clan. As fits with the date he is a massive Star Wars Fan ;)

Chris and Caleb

Who is this Mighty Man?
I'm Chris from Hull, UK. I'm a tattooist been doing that for nearly 5 years now also heavily involved in my local music scene which is another passion of mine.
My family consists of me and my amazing girlfriend Chloe who runs a clothing label for children called Caleb & Co.. my son Caleb, who's nearly 3, my dog Finn and my two cats Gus and Dwight!
We like to do things differently but I guess that's why I'm part of the Badass Dad Clan!

Family outing

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?
With him being so young we've only just started doing proper projects together, we love anything that involves getting messy; baking/play dough/ painting or just going to the park. He loves coming to my studio and seeing me at work and even just passing the shop he shouts that it's Daddy's work.

Chloe and Caleb

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?
My greatest challenge being a father was having no role model at all.. I had nothing to base what I was doing off. My own biological father isn't interested and other male role models in my life haven't exactly been the most stable.. all I really had to go off was how I felt growing up and how I didn't want Caleb to feel... So hopefully I'm just doing the best I can.

It's Hero Time!

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?
Absolutely nothing different. It's been and is continuing to be one of the most amazing learning curves of my entire life. I wouldn't change the highs and the lows for anything


What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far? 
My most treasured moment out of the hundreds that you get being a dad is my first ever father's day fell on my birthday and it was legit the best day of my life. Along with every time you ask Caleb who his best friend is he says Daddy.

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?
It's as hard as you make it and don't be afraid to make mistakes.. we are all only human.

Ready to Ride!

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan? 
The BDC is our special place! I've never met such a bunch of like minded individuals. Each and every one of you makes me proud to be a dad. And through the thick and the thin we've all had each others back ✌️


Wow! Some powerful comments. I think there are a lot of us that can relate to growing up without a male role model and choosing to use those ensure that our children never have to feel that way is definitely important. Massive thank you for your article Chris, great hearing from you this month for the Badass Dad Clan Hall of Fame

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dads Hall of Fame - 04 - James Mower

It's the time of the month when we show you one of the amazing guys in the Badass Dad Clan, who do their best for their children, stand by their family and show the world that they are genuinely Badass Dads. This month we have our very own James Mower stepping up to tell his story:

James and Zoƫ
Tell us about the cute couple in the Photo:

My name is James Mower, from Bristol, fiancƩ to my beautiful lady Zoƫ and proud father of two boys George & Maxwell. Stepfather to three amazing step kids that I love as my own - Katelyn, Corey & Erin. We live a crazy life of comic book characters, dirty nappies, football and baby dolls. Electronic devices fill the gaps when behavior is good enough! While living in a household like ours it's tough to get the balance of spending equal time with each of the kids on an individual basis whilst maintaining a great group structure. When we can we like to get out for the day on trips whether that be the zoo or just to a park. While arguments are a steady diet for us, we always have fun with whatever it is we do. I wouldn't change my mad family for anything. The most exciting thing that has happened to me and my partner recently is the booking of our wedding, we've been engaged for over a year and decided to take the steps forward and get something booked, we will be tying the knot on the 1st of April 2018.

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?

In my spare time (of which I don't get much) I enjoy sitting down at my PC and playing video games, listening to music or watching films. Between all the chores of cooking, cleaning and rebuilding the house on a daily basis that we as a couple do, me and my partner try to make the most of the time when the kids are in bed to cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV series together before the inevitable pre school/breakfast insanity begins!

James, Katelyn, Zoƫ, Erin & Corey

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?

Greatest challenge of being is a father is going the extra mile to spend time with them outside of working hours, it's so easy to just relax after a day at work and forget you haven't spent quality time with them and before you know it they're in bed and your ready to go back to work. Time is short, make it count! - Challenges of being a step father is a whole new kettle of fish, that's like balancing on the ledge of a building, discipline is very important but feeling like you could lose your bond makes you draw a fine line, I'm very lucky that the kids respect me enough that they know discipline happens because it needed too and they never hold it against me when I need to step in.

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?

The things I would do differently knowing what I know now.... try and not believe all the horror stories, don't allow people to tell me how it should be done and just roll with it. Parenting is a natural habit that everyone is capable of and everyone has there own way of achieving it. Be yourself to your kids, don't be what people tell you to be.


What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far?

I have so many treasured moments with all of the kids it's hard to just pick one but one that sticks out for me is when me and Zoƫ were in the hospital after just having Max delivered and the kids came to visit, to see the beautiful smiles of meeting Max was incredible, I just sat back and enjoyed watching all of them together.

Most Treasured Moment

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?

First time fathers..... don't panic! You are just as capable of being a parent as the ladies in your life! Don't let anyone tell you that your doing it wrong. Babies don't break unless you really drop them from a height, your not doing it wrong, your doing it your way and that is the most important way. Finding a partner which is supportive and your rock when times get hard and you feel useless is very important. I'm lucky to have found my soulmate in Zoƫ and she is the best person I could be standing next too raising our kids.

Erin and George

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?

 BDC has been a god send for me, while for the most part I just sit back and read everything that is posted I do sometimes make a post and express what's going on. Tricky is an excellent leader of this team of amazing dads and he has created a safe haven for all of us, so for that I thank you mate. Never be scared to share your worries guys, we've all been through tough times, you may just find someone who can help you to open up and talk. Talking is very important.

Love to all the daddies in BDC - Stay badass!

James and Zoƫ

Thank you James for opening up and giving us a peek inside your fatherhood journey, The Badass Dad Clan wishes you and your family every happiness in the future and as you know, we'll always have your back. 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dads Hall of Fame - 03 - Joe Jowett

Each month here at Badass Dad Clan we showcase one of our amazing members, so without further ado I give you Mr March, best known as the one and only Joedacious Jowett

Joe and Ace

Tell us about the man behind the beard:

The name is Joe Jowett, became a Dad to the most awesome chilled out little boy Ace Hendrix when I had just turned 41. Live with him and my beautiful wife Lucy (aka The Warden). We have been together for 15 years this summer. We met down in Cornwall where I perfected my craft as a Chef and part of the greatest DJ combo ever! She was on a sandwich course from Uni and I was a beach bum. So we moved to Manchester after knowing each other for a month and a bit. Her parents were well chuffed with the hairy tattooed bum she brought back from her year out at Uni!

Ace and Lucy

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?

I get to spend Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings with Ace to fit around nursery and work. It's my favourite time of the week. Just the two of us. Best fun is had just playing, wrestling, tickling, chasing. Hearing him chuckle is all I need.

Joe Jowett and Ace

What would you say is the greatest challenge of being a father?

Getting the right balance of career (to pay for stuff), time with Ace, time as a couple and time for myself (massive weights at the gym!)

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?
Not listen to the advice, buy less crap before he was born and probably not worry as much as we did. They are pretty resilient.

Ace helping out with the homebrew

What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far?

All my old friends and family meeting him. They are all blown away by him. It makes me feel so proud. Also he is so funny when he meets any ladies...

Ace, pure class

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?

Take a pillow and some snacks to the hospital. Them chairs are not comfy. Also just roll with it, enjoy it and try not to stress out. Keep the boss happy and hydrated!

The one, the only, Joe Jowett!

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?

Awesome bunch of lads. Always there to build each other up. Very proud to be part of it.

So there you have it folks, another insightful interview with one of the parenting powerhouses over at Badass Dad Clan Facebook Group,  if you would like to be featured on the site then get in touch!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Dads Hall of Fame - 02 - Dean Bathgate

You know the score, in the Hall of Fame we pick one Badass Dad each month to showcase and celebrate their awesomeness. This month Dean Bathgate is here to share the wisdom that comes with a beard as epic as his:

Who is this Bearded Badass?

I am a video game loving guy, husband & dad who part directs a company with my own dad, I'm married to a wonderful woman who supports me and has given me two wonderful kids, a son & a daughter.

What is your favourite father/child activity or hobby?

Playing/building lego with my little man as well as helping him with his homework, my daughter is still tiny but I love to make her laugh and smile and can't wait until she can join in with the mad house

The greatest challenge of being a father is...

Trying to juggle a balance between being a husband, dad and working so that I don't feel like I am favouriting one over the other.

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently as a parent?

Plan, plan a lot more stuff that we needed when my wife was pregnant and not listen to others opinions of how I should parent.

What is your most treasured moment with your child/children so far?

It has to be cutting the cord with both my children and then passing them to my wife to hold. Knowing they are here in this world safe and sound and going to be well looked after

What advice would you give to new first time fathers?

Don't let others tell you how to parent or how to be as a dad. Find a parenting style that works for you and do it. There is no right or wrong way of doing it.

What do you have to say about Badass Dad Clan?

It's an awesome group of dads who are all genuine and always around to help and never judge you, unlike other groups,with the Badass Dad Clan you can be yourself.

It's been awesome hearing from Dean, what a Badass Dad! Thanks for taking the time to get involved.
If you have what it takes to be featured then get in touch, we'd love to showcase you in our Hall of Fame!